Tuesday 22 April 2014

Knives - A Posepack

Aaaand, the prize for most imaginative name for a posepack ever goes to... not me. Oh well. This is a posepack that was originally meant for a story I wanted to write but which I gave up on. I couldn't make it work, but the poses are legit enough. So this is for all of you who need poses for knife wielding, badass ladies (and a single pose of someone getting stabbed because I'm insane?). I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't need this at some point in their life.

It consists of five single poses and a... eh, couple's pose? All are list compatible and the double one snaps together. The knives I've used are the stilettos from here (1-4 and 6) and the hunting knife from here (5) (none of them included in the download). The name for each pose is listed under the pictures as usual.





(As you can see from the picture, the right elbow joint is wonky. Sorry about that).



(The bottom picture shows the view from behind)


Download here, Box, Zipped