Monday 15 September 2014

Ivane's Poses - Request

I'm finally back with some poses. This is a very small pack, requested by Ivane for her story The Chronicles of Clarke (which you should go read if you haven't - girl be talented, yo).

There are two couple's poses. They're both fitted to Rafkin's dining chair from the base game - I'm sure you can use other chairs. The thing with making a pose where a sim clutches the edge of a seat is there are so many types of seats for the chairs - I think it should look okay with other chairs.
They snap together and he snaps to the chair, though he will be seated on the edge of his seat. This wasn't intentional - merely a quirk of how you add props in Blender, so if you want him to be 'properly' seated, you will need to alt key him.
As usual, the pack is list compatible though you can find codes in the pictures.

Download here (Box, zipped)