Wednesday 10 June 2015

Storypack - A Posepack

Hellew, everybody! I have some poses ready for y'all. No theme to this pack - it's a bunch of poses that I've been making over a long period of time for my legacy story. There are four conversation poses, a set of poses for your sims who just want to cry their eyes out and two unrelated poses. The only thing they have is common is that you can use them for stories... and I other things I guess. They would make for strange Christmas cards, but I'm not the one to stop you if you fancy using them for that.

They're all list compatible (and codes are provided in the pictures) and snap together and snap to furniture. However, there are some finicky things about some that I'll tell you as we go along.

1-2 are different facial expressions (1. she's lying there looking miserable. 2. she's miserable... but talking!) but it's pretty much the same pose. 3 is a second sim comforting the other.

They'll likely do fine for both genders but clipping may occur.

Also, as they were made on a double bed in Blender, they'll snap to a double bed and fit perfectly. If you use a single - as I did here - they'll need tweaking with the alt-key.

More pain! I'm a sick fucker, you guys.

This is for those times when your sim wants to present themselves to someone but they're not happy about it... no? Just me? Just me then...

I always lament the lack of simple conversation poses and these are some I've made to try and make up for it.

The fourth one is for a table and chair and any table/chair should do - however, there might be clipping depending on which ones you use.

I also can't say that it'll snap to the furniture. The way props are used in Blender means that I can't be sure that they lined up when I made them in the program. Expect to use the alt-key for this one.

Download here (Box, zipped)

Wednesday 28 January 2015

City Hall Wedding - a posepack

You'd be forgiven if you thought I'd disappeared or died or something, but I haven't! And here I am with a new pose pack. There are a lot of wedding packs floating around, but none were just how I needed it for my legacy story. So I had to make one. There are two adult poses, two child poses and two toddler poses. All are list compatible and snap together.

The wedding bouquet is from BEO (not included) and the flower for the child/toddler poses is from Severinka (also not included).

If you, for some reason, need the names for the poses, you can find them here under the pictures. Sorry there's only the one picture of the child and toddler walking - I plain forgot to take more pictures.

Download here (Box, zipped)

Couple's pose:

Child/toddler walking pose:

Child handing flower to toddler: