Tuesday, 15 July 2014

4 Poses Set - A Posepack

I don't have a fancy name and things for this posepack because it's just sort of a mixed goodie bag. There's one freaky knifey pose, and then there's a cute couple's one.

Both are list compatible and snap together. The knifey pose (Evil Empress) uses these stilettos but I can't say if other knives will work. The cute couple's pose (Relief) works best with a double bed. You can use it with a single bed but it will need alt key tweaking lest there be clipping or oddly hanging legs. Pose names are under the pictures in case you need them.

a_evilempress1a (standing sim)
a_evilempress1b (kneeling sim)

(Why did I make this pose? What is wrong with me? No one knows).


(This one I think is rather cute and lovely, not going to lie!)

Download here (Box, zipped)

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