Friday, 25 July 2014

Wolf's Poses - a Metric Shitton of Poses (Request)

Ready for an absolutely ridiculous pose dump? No? Well, too bad, 'cause here you are. Mostly, of course, it's for SheWolf from my preferred forum. She requested all of these poses. I've divided them into three posepacks... I was going to say that it's all for your sakes because then you can just get the one you want and that's really nice, innit? But in actuality it's because it was easier for me when making them list compatible... so eh, yeah.

Before we go on though, let's make one thing clear: Yes, I take requests, but I'm not doing more than 3 poses at a time in the future, so no funny ideas guys!

All poses are, as I've just suggested, list compatible but I've added the pose names to the pictures. The couple's ones snap together and the ones with furniture snap to the furniture, only some of them WILL need tweaking (I'll add info on that under the pictures). The poses are modelled by the gender they're meant for but they'll probably work for the opposite gender as well (except maybe the pregnancy one... though... alien pregnancy? I haven't tested it), though clipping might occur. Clipping can occur with all poses depending on things such as muscle size, hairstyles, and clothing.

Now, let's have a look at the massive pose dump, shall we?

Wolf's Poses 1-4:

1. Looking up at something

 These three are variations of each other. They have three different facial expressions:
2. shrugging, neutral expression
2a. shrugging, raised eyebrow
2b. shrugging, concerned expressions, arms are slightly closer together

Technically these are variations as well, but they're so different they might as well be different poses.
3. Sitting behind desk, arms crossed, feet up on the desk - she will snap right to the desk but the chair will need to be moved with the alt key to fit to her butt.
3a. Getting up from her chair to shake hands with someone - any desk chair with arm rests will do for this pose.

4. Standing casually, head tilted, a slight smirk on her face

Wolf's Poses 5-9:

5. Pregnant pose, looking down at tummy, concerned/sad expression - there's slight clipping if you use this pose right when she's about to give birth (as I was silly enough to do by accident). It also depends on her maternity wear - don't use a blouse/dress that's too flowy if you want to avoid clipping.

6. Sitting on desk while talking.

7. Lying face-down on bed, crying. Works best for a double bed (it'll snap right to a double bed) but with the alt key you can use it for a single bed, too.

8. Eavesdropping by door - this one has some problems at the neck, not gonna lie. But from the right angles you can make it look good... might edit it at some point, but I wouldn't bet on it. Her hair might clip into the door but some alt keying should rectify that.

9./9a. Eavesdropping next to a bunch of crates. Note that this pose was made using, of all things, a counter. It'll work for these crates (they're from WA, found using the buydebug on cheat) or any other crate so long as it's as high as a counter (more or less), but I couldn't get these crates into Blender so it's not made around these. You WILL need to tweak her position with the alt key.

9./9a. Facial variants for the above.
9. Intense expression
9a. Neutral expression

Wolf's Poses 10-11:

10. Shielding someone behind her, arms outstretched


11fem: holding 11male and crying out in pain
11male: being held by 11fem, unconscious

11afem: holding 11amale, sad expression
11amale: held by 11afem, conscious - barely

This is to show that 11amale2 will work with either 11fem/11male or 11afem/11amale - he will not work with 11bfem/11bmale

11amale2: Holding female's shoulder while looking sadly at 11male/11amale)

11bfem: holding 11bmale close, sad expression
11bmale: reaching up to touch 11bfem's cheek, smiling sadly at her

What do you mean pose 11 is an utter mess? That is absolutely, utterly... true. Not gonna lie.

See above which poses are contained in which download and then you can pick just the ones you want/need in your game! All are uploaded to Box and zipped:

Dowload Wolf's Poses 1-4

Download Wolf's Poses 5-9

Download Wolf's Poses 10-11

Please, please, please tell me if you find some mistakes in the links or the downloads! I've tested as thorougly as I possibly could but I've had a shitton of things to keep track of and I can't catch all mistakes. Usually I'm fairly sure things are okay, but with a download of this magnitude, I'm more uncertain.

Lastly: a shoutout to this download here which I've used as a backdrop when I took the preview shots. I downloaded another one a while back which was glitchy as fuck, but this one looks smashing - and previewing photos is much easier with a simple backdrop. Thanks a bunch to the uploader for making it available! *squee*

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