Sunday, 6 July 2014

Conversations - Posepack

It's finally time for a new posepack. It's a fairly small one, consisting of a couple of poses I used in my Asylum Challenge story and now seemed like a good time to put 'em up for download. The pack consists of five poses for conversing sims:


a_conversations3 (variation)

a_conversations5 (variation)

All of them are list compatible, but names are listed under the photos if needed. The first one was made with a male rig but works well with females, too. You WILL need to turn the chair a bit and tweak the sim with the alt key; you can use most chairs but the one used is the Chinese style one from WA and it's the only one that'll fit perfectly.

For the ones with the desk (2-3), any desk and chair can be used, though clipping may occur depending on the desk you use. I haven't tested the latter four poses with male sims, but it'll probably look okay, too.

Download here (Box, Zipped)

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